Qualifications Key
  • Film Combatant - A minimum of 20 classes in fight choreography, (40 hours of training) and passing of the qualifications test. 

  • Advanced Film CombatantA minimum of 40 classes (80 hours) of fight choreography training, proficiency in the following techniques, passing qualification test, and actual fight choreography experience in stage, film, commercials or television. 

  • Weapons Combatant - QF certification in at least one THEMA or Kobudo weapons tracks or previous mastery of a martial weapon. 

  • Advanced Weapons Combatant - QF certification in 2 or more THEMA or Kobudo weapons tracks and/or previous mastery of at least two different martial weapons. 

  • Acting - 20 hours of training in acting techniques that are useful for both stage and film. 

  • Stunt Capable - Film Combatant Certification & training hours in Wires, Stairfalls, mini-tramp, high-falls, and wrecks. 

Chuck Johnson
Yutaka Nozawa
Brendan Stallings
Tom Constantine
Alice Iwamoto
Juliano Wakahisa
Alex Hunter
Yoshi Kuroiwa
Max Cormac