Kids Taekwondo

Olympic Style (WTF) Taekwondo training for kids 4 yrs old and up. Classes feature training in sparring, forms & self defense and have an emphasis on personal development for each child.
*Regular classes are available for kids 6+. Kids under 6 are generally only taught by private lesson.


  • Location: 7-14-7 Roppongi

  • Time: 17:00-18:00 (schedule subject to change. Please see Booking Calendar)


  • Chuck Johnson (080 5431 9348)

  • Yutaka Nozawa (080 8423 1656)

  • Abdel Aem (080 7888 9796)


  • Sparring will usually be the last Tuesday & Thursday of each month. Please be sure to bring your child’s sparring gear.


  • 80% of classes over 3 months (20 classes for twice a week students, 10 classes for once a week)

  • Complete execution of the form with no help from instructors

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  • Kids Taekwondo 1

    Every month
    Once a week training
    • Free Trial Lesson
    • Locker room with showers
  • Kids Taekwondo 2

    Every month
    Twice a week training
    • Free Trial Lesson
    • 250yen cheaper per class than training once a week
    • Locker room with showers
  • Private lesson

    Great for people who need discretion or have personal goals
    • One on one instruction with any chosen QF instructor
    • Roppongi dojang or a place of your choosing
    • Focus on personal goals
    • Schedule arranged by both the student and instructor
    • **2000yen discount if student arranges the training space
  • Sports Insurance

    Mandatory sports insurance for all members
    Valid for one year
    • Good for one year of training