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Pricing for Actor's Programs
Stunt Capable
  • Once a week training

    Every month
    Action class, Taekwondo, or Special Seminars
    • Choose to attend any one class you like
    • Includes weekly classes: Taekwondo or Fight Action
    • Includes Special skills classes: Katana, Rapier, Acro, etc.
  • Full Membership

    Every month
    Taekwondo, Action, Weaponry
    • Weekly Action Cass
    • Weekly Taekwondo Class
    • 2 Katana classes a month
    • 1 Acrobatics class a month
    • 1 specialty weapons class a month (Rapier, firearms, etc)
  • Special Seminar

    FREE for those with full membership
    Valid for 2 months
    • Tactical Firearms
    • Weaponizing Flexible Objects (scarves, belts, towels, etc)
    • Knive Fighting
    • Katana Action
    • Acrobatics
    • **See Wire Action/ Horseback Riding for their pricing
  • Wire Action / Horseback Riding

    Learn the basic mechanics of how to fly and do wire action
    Valid for one month
    • Breakdown of the mechanics of wire flying
    • Super human jumps
    • Pendulum Swing movements
    • Jerk-backs
    • Integration with Fight Choreography
    • **Full members get 50% discount
  • Private lesson

    Great for people who need discretion or have personal goals
    • One on one instruction
    • Focus on personal goals
    • Schedule arranged by both the student and instructor
    • At the Roppongi space or a location of the student's choice
    • **2000yen discount if student arranges the training space
  • Monthly Private

    Every month
    4 Private lessons a month
    • Sports Insurance

      Mandatory sports insurance for all members
      Valid for one year
      • Good for one year of training
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