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Eastbound Traffic
About the project

Slated to begin principle photography in fall 2023, Eastbound Traffic will be Quiet Flame's first independently produced feature film. 

Although the story itself is fictional, it is inspired by true events in the lives of its main actors, backed up with input from the International Justice Mission and written around the real experiences of people who have worked in Japan's sex industry.

Eastbound Traffic sets out to be as real of a depiction of this space that has ever been. It is an exploration of how and why people end up working in the sex industry, what happens when broken people collide with each other, and just what the industry does to the hearts and minds of those who get trapped in it; all in the context of an action film. 

As Quiet Flame's first feature film, Eastbound Traffic sets out to establish what will be the Quiet Flame style of films: social-impact driven, intelligent storytelling wrapped around breath-taking action. It is the first of 5 films set to intelligently explore and discuss topics ranging from mental health, war, and the impact of social disenfranchisement. 


"After years of harboring guilt about her younger sisters disappearance from Russia, a young woman comes to Tokyo in hopes of finding out what happened to her. Ultimately she gets pulled into the same underground world that consumed her sister, and is forced to not just find her way out, but to find her peace along the way. "

Concept Teaser

Watch the original Eastbound Trafffic concept teaser filmed with cooperation from the Dutch film commission. 

Film Threat.jpg

April 10th, 2022

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