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When done correctly, fight choreography or "action" as it is called in the Japanese entertainment industry, is a high-speed partner dance requiring timing, distancing, speed, agility, and acting prowess all at the same time. While action training does not have the same level of emphasis on personal development that martial arts training does, it does give the student a lot of the same benefits while also offering some of the benefits of dance training.

In addition to the regular action weekly action class, Quiet Flame offers regular special seminars on action related content such as: 
- firearms & tactical movement
- wire action
- wrecks (big stunt falls) 
-improvised weaponry
- traditional Japanese & western weaponry. 

These seminars are included as part of the Action Actor's Training Program, but regular action students can attend as well for a nominal fee. 



  • Location: 7-14-7 Roppongi

  • Time: 18:30- 20:30 (schedule subject to change. Please see Booking Calendar)


  • Basics of fight choreography

  • Reactions

  • Falling

  • Camera sense


  • 1st week- kicking techniques / reactions

  • 2nd week- hand techniques / reactions

  • 3rd week- throws, locks, bars / reactions /falls

  • 4th week- building a fight with all elements trained



  • Showers available


  • Chuck Johnson (080 5431 9348)

  • Yutaka Nozawa (080 8423 1656)


  • Private lesson

    Great for people who need discretion or have personal goals
    • One on one instruction
    • Focus on personal goals
    • Schedule arranged by both the student and instructor
    • At the Roppongi space or a location of the student's choice
    • **2000yen discount if student arranges the training space
  • Sports Insurance

    Mandatory sports insurance for all members
    Valid for one year
    • Good for one year of training
  • Action Monthly

    Every month
    Weekly Action Class
    • Membership includes 500yen discount on special seminars
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