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The Quiet Flame Philosophy
Our Mission

“If you can control [fire] it can cook for you; and it can heat your house. If you can’t control it, it will burn everything around you and destroy you.”


All martial arts are designed to teach people how to fight and how to be strong. But with that strength must also come a certain sense of humility and balance. At Quiet Flame Taekwondo, we seek to help people to find that balance. By seeking to understand each student as an individual; we want to guide them along on their own personal journey, uplifting and empowering those who haven’t found their strength yet or bringing balance those who have strength but have yet to truly master it.

In effect what we seek to do is not to teach them Taekwondo; it’s to teach them about themselves, their strengths and their weakness through Taekwondo. What we want to create in our students is a quiet flame. We want to give them the passion, energy and excitement to succeed at everything they do, but to have that coupled with the kind of balanced energy that others can feel as warmth and not as a threat.

Through our curriculum, students will learn how to fight, defend themselves, push their challenges and obstacles and ultimately succeed; but also how to be great people along the way.


The president of Quiet Flame, Chuck Johnson, has been working as both an actor and stuntman for 14 years, and started the Quiet Flame Stunt Team, in 2015. At the time, it was Japan's first all-English speaking, all non-Japanese stunt team. Through that experience came our actors training program. We train actors not just on how to move better physically and how to control their bodies, but also on how to think, and carry themselves, both in set, and throughout their careers. We seek to create better actors by creating better people. Discipline, self-awareness, humility, adaptibility and the mental fortitude that it takes to not just survive in the international entertainment arena; but to thrive in it, are all the things we seek to develop in our students. In short, we want those who come through our program to go beyond, and we look forward to celebrating their success when they do. 


Based on a philosophy of martial arts, in our film productions we work to create art, and to seek perfection of our craft. That means for every production we are involved in, be it via casting or our own film productions, our goal is to contribute to the quality of that production in every way, shape and form that we can. 

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