Quiet Flame  International
Action Actors' Training Program

About the program

Quiet Flame's AATP (Action Actors' Training Program) is a program designed to produce well-rounded, mulit-lingual actors who can excess beyond their peers by having a more diverse set of skill sets, and a higher level of adaptability and physicality. 

In contrast with other training programs, Quiet Flame goes the extra mile by setting up regular filming dates for students as well, so that all of their skills can be applied in an actual set environment with high-end cameras. In doing so, we not only give people the skills, we give people a chance to apply those skills on camera, but also provide them with all of the footage that was taken during the course so that they can use that footage to create high-quality demo reels. 

The training is broken up into 3-month blocks with each block ending with an opportunity to film. In addition to the action classes, students also have access to special action seminars (firearms, knife-fighting, etc) seminars and specialty stunt seminars (wire action, wrecks, etc) to further develop their skills. 

Students can commit to just 1 block, (3 months) 2 blocks, (6 months) or 1 year. After completing each blocks, students are given a certificate of completion, and all of the footage taken from the course for creating their demo reels. 

Each block consists of: 

  • Weekly Action Class

  • 2 sword seminars a month
    ( Katana / Rapier) 

  • 1 specialty action seminar
    ( Tactical Firearms, Knife Fighting, or Flexible Weapons depending on the block) 

  • 1 specialty stunt seminar 
    (Wire action, or Wrecks, depending on the block)

  • 1 filmed fight 
    (2v1 moving camera, knife fight, fight with dialog, or sword fight)

One-Year Calendar

BLOCK 1- January 10th- April 11th


  • Action Specialty Seminar: Tactical Firearms

  • Stunt Specialty Seminar: Wrecks & Falling

BLOCK 2- April 18th- July 18th

  • Action Specialty Seminar: Tactical Firearms

  • Stunt Specialty Seminar: Wire Flying



BLOCK 3- July 25th - October 24th 

  • Action Specialty Seminar: Knife Fighting 

  • Stunt Specialty Seminar : Wrecks & Falling


BLOCK 4- Oct 31st- January 23rd 2023


  • Seminar 1: Flexible Weapons

  • Seminar 2: Wire Flying