Quiet Flame International Action Actors' One-Year Training Program Calendar

About the program

Quiet Flame's AATP (Action Actors' Training Program) is a program designed to produce well-rounded, mulit-lingual actors who can excess beyond their peers by having a more diverse set of skill sets, and a higher level of adaptability. Students chose which classes they want to focus on, but are free to attend all, and are trained in everything from singing, swordwork, and acrobatics to fight choreography, dramatic acting and stunts like wire action. 

In contrast with other training programs however, Quiet Flame does the extra mile by setting up regular filming dates for students as well, so that all of their skills can be applied in an actual set environment with high-end cameras. In doing so, we not only give people the skills, give people a chance to apply those skills on camera, but also provide them with all of the footage that was taken during the course so that they can use that footage to create high-quality acting, acting, or stunt reels. 

The training is broken up into 3-month blocks and each block focuses on different challenges and developing different skills.  For example, the spring and fall, the weapons classes focus on historical western weapons like rapier and broadsword. In the summer and winter, the class focuses on Japanese weaponry like Katana, Yari (Samurai spear), and Bo. Mid-course there are "specialty days" where students are introduced to special weapons, or skills, and at the end of each block, there are filmings that incorporate their skills.

Students can commit to just one block, a full year, or through our JECA program, complete an accelerated course that finishes in just two blocks. 

After completing 4 blocks, (or two in the JECA program), students are given a certificate of completion, and all of the footage taken from the course for creating their acting and/or action demo reels. They are also given a lifetime Quiet Flame "Legacy" membership, where they can continue to train with us for a discounted rate for as long and as much as they like. 

One-Year Calendar

The following is the one year calendar staring from September 2021. 

BLOCK 1- September 10th- December 12th

- Specialty Days: Training Week of October 18th

  • ACRO / STUNTS:  Wire Work 1: Basics of the HK harness (Oct 20th)

  • ACTION: Basics of Hand guns (Oct 18th)

  • WEAPONS: Broadswork (Oct 24th)

- Filmings: December 6th-12th

  • ACTION: 2v1 One-take moving circular moving camera fight (Given to stundents on Nov. 22nd)

  • ACTING: A One-take Monologue given to students on Nov. 14th. 

  • WEAPONS: A rapier phone number fight given to students on Nov. 28th. 


BLOCK 2- December 13th- March 13th

- Specialty Days: Training Week of January 24th


  • ACRO / STUNTS: Wirework 2: Flipping & Pendulum Swings (Jan 26th) 

  • ACTION: Flexible weapons - (Jan 24th)

  • WEAPONS : Kobudo Bo (Jan 30th) 


-   Filmings:  (March 7th -13th)

  • ACTION: 3vs1 One-take moving camera fight scene (given to students on Feb 28th)

  • ACTING: A dialog for students to do together in pairs, (given to students on Feb 14th) 

  • WEAPONS: A Katana phone number fight; (given to students on March 6th)



BLOCK 3- March 14th - June 13th 

- Specialty Days: Training Week of April 25th - May 1st 


  • ACRO / STUNTS: Mini - Tramp 

  • ACTION: Intro to Capoeira 

  • WEAPONS: Katana vs Yari 


- Filmings (June 6th to 12th)

  • ACTION : Man-to-Man fight scene with story, dialog and dramatic acting (Students create the story- fight choreo developed on June 1st). 

  • ACTING: A monologue in one’s non-native language (Japanese for English-speakers and vice versa) (Students choose the monologue themselves one month before on May 15th) 

  • WEAPONS: 2v1 Katana phone number fight (Given to students on May 29th) 


BLOCK 4- June 13th- September 11th

- Specialty Days: July 11th- 17th

  • ACRO / STUNTS: High Falls (July 13th)  

  • ACTION: Basics of Stick Fighting (July 11th)

  • WEAPONS: Case of Rapier 


- Filmings (Sept 5th - 11th)

  • ACTION: Empty Hand vs Weapons OR Found Weapons fight. Students get into groups, design their own choreo and tell the camera where it needs to be or move. (Given to students on July 29th)

  • ACTING: An acting scene requiring strong physicality. Could be domestic violence, extreme circumstances, etc. Students write the scene themselves. Could be English, Japanese or Champo. Given to students on July 29th.

  • WEAPONS: A 2v1 Rapier phone number fight OR specialty weapons fight of their choosing. Given to students on July 29th.