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Quiet Flame  International
Action Actors' Training Program

About the program

Quiet Flame's AATP (Action Actors' Training Program) is a program designed to produce well-rounded, mulit-lingual actors. We strive to provide actors with the training they need to excel beyond their peers by having a more diverse set of skill sets, and a higher level of adaptability and physicality, all while training in an English-first, but multi-lingual environment with both Japanese and Non-Japanese actors and stunt performers training side by side. 

Additionally, in contrast with other training programs, Quiet Flame goes the extra mile by setting up filming opportunites for students as well, so that all of their skills can be applied in an actual set environment with high-end cameras. In doing so, we not only give people the skills, we give people a chance to apply those skills on camera, but also provide them with all of the footage that was taken during the course so that they can use that footage to create high-quality demo reels. 

The training is broken up into 3-month blocks with various opportunies to film throughout. In addition to the action classes, students also have access to special action seminars (firearms, knife-fighting, etc) seminars and specialty stunt seminars (wire action, wrecks, high-falls etc) to further develop their skills. 

Students can commit to just 1 block, (3 months) 2 blocks, (6 months) or 1 year. After completing each block, students are given a certificate of completion, and all of the footage taken from the course for creating their demo reels. 

Each block consists of: 

  • Weekly Action (Fight Choreography Class) 

  • Weekly Olympic Taekwondo Class 

  • Weekly SE Asian Martial Arts Class (Kali, Escrima & Silat) 

  • 2 sword seminars a month
    ( Katana & Rapier) 

  • 1 specialty seminar
    ( Tactical Firearms, Wire Action, Knife Fighting, or Flexible Weapons) 

  • Training fight footage and preparation of a demo reel.

  • 1 filmed fight with YOU in the lead role. (Participation in other QF fight shootings. 

* The filmed fight with you in the lead are only for those who sign up for 6mo or the 1 year programs. 

**To see samples of our training and seminars, please free to click the button below to see our Instagram page! 

Fight for Tokyo based actress, Mami Sue. 

"I'm 1111% glad that I joined Quiet Flame Productions action actors' training program. [Before I started} I couldn't even imagine getting these skills in just 6 months." - Mami Sue

Fight for LA-based actor, Joe Perry. 

"Working with Quiet Flame made my experience in Japan an absolute blast. I was able to keep up with my action training, learn new moves and meet other amazing and talented people in the AATP program. This program helped me get my first ever paid acting jobs as well as my dream job! I can't wait to go back and train with them again." - Joe Perry

Weekly Schedule of Classes









Private Lesson 
10:30am- 16:00

Private Lesson 
10:30am- 15:00

Kids Taekwondo
17:00 - 18:00

Private Lesson 
10:30am- 14:00


Private Lesson 
10:30am- 15:00

Kids Taekwondo
17:00 - 18:00

Private Lesson 
10:30am- 18:00



Action Class

Kali /Escrima

Adult Taekwondo

Kali /Escrima

Private Lesson 
12:00pm- 13:00
Special Seminars
13:00-19:00 TBA

Special Seminars
19:00-21:00 TBA**

*Open Gym is available on Friday nights if booked 24 hours in advance, and is at a different location. (1-1-27 Kinuta) Please inquire for more details. 

** Special Seminars take place either on Wednesdays or Sundays. Exact day and time of the month to be announced. When in doubt, check the booking calendar below, or inquire for more details. 

Kali/Escrima is not available as a stand-alone class outside of this program. 

For Those Coming From Abroad

For those coming from abroad, Quiet Flame's AATP program is a great way to not just develop your skills as an actor, and/or movement artist, but to also develop foreign language skills on top of it. For those who want to come and train for the three month period, no visa is required. For those wishing to stay longer, or who want to gain experiencing working in Japan's entertainment industry, a visa is required to do so. 
** Please inquire for more information


Program Pricing

Pricing for the programs are as follows: 

3 MONTH: 100,000yen ( $740 US ) 

6 MONTH: 150,000yen ( $1110 US ) 

1 YEAR: 250,000yen ($1850 US) 

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