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Weapons Combatant
  • Certification in at least one western or Japanese weapon

  • (12 classes/18 hours of training & passing the proficiency test)

  • Previous mastery of a martial weapon.

THEMA Weapons Tracks
  • Rapier

  • Broadsword

  • Quarterstaff

  • Knife

  • Case of Rapiers



  • Basic attacks 1-9

  • Basic parries 1-9


  • “Phone Number Choreography” The test will consist of students building a fight with the basic attacks and parries around a random phone number, and then having to execute it skillfully in front of a camera.



  • "Phone number fight" heavily peppered with advanced weapons techniques. 

Kobudo Track
  • Staff

  • Nunchaku

  • Tonfa

  • Kama

  • Sai

  • Katana

*In the strictest sense, Katana is not a weapon of Kobudo, although it is included in this track. 

(Coming in summer 2020) 

Kobudo Certification

TEST 1: 

  • Completion of and execution of the QF Kobudo basic form associated with that weapon. 

  • Skillful Execution of a on-camera fight with said weapon using basic techniques with all hits selling.

TEST 2: 

  • Completion of and execution of the QF Kobudo advanced form associated with that weapon. 

  • Skillful execution of an on-camera fight with said weapons using advanced techniques with all the hits selling.

Advanced Weapons Combatant
  • QF Certification in 2 or more Japanese or Western weapons. 

  • Previous mastery of two or more martial weapons. 

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