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Quiet Flame's Weaponry Program consists of alternating semesters on Japanese and European weapons. 

The summer and winter semesters focus on THEMA (Theatrical Historical European Martial Arts) and the spring and fall semesters focus on Katana Tate (Theatrical Katana). 


THEMA (Theatrical Historical European Martial Arts) offers training in the most commonly used European weapons in stage and film. The program mainly focuses on Rapier, the most commonly used renaissance weapon in Shakespearean era works. Special classes also include Case of Rapier (Using two Rapier at once) Quarter Staff, broadsword, and knives.


For anyone interested in doing theatre or stage work, or working abroad in the west, this class is strongly recommended. THEMA weapons play can also be found in films like Gladiator, Robin Hood, or Braveheart, or video games like Soul Caliber.


Katana Tate is the art of Theatrical Japanese sword fighting; and forms the basis of all of the sword play seen in both stage and screen in Japan. As with European sword play, stark differences can be found in how you have to move on a live stage vs for the camera, and we specialize in teaching students these differences and how to adapt their skills to both. In addition to Katana work, over the course of the semester special classes will also introduce other Japanese weapons such as bo, nunchaku, or Yari (Japanese spear). 



    3-7-42 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, 169-0072

  • Time: Varies

       (Please double-check time listed in the         

       calendar for each class before booking)

  • Immediately follows the Acting class


  • Satoshi Hiro (070 6518 3314)

  • Brendan Stallings (070 4224 1138)


  • Bring gloves. To prevent rust, steel weapons should not be touched barehanded.

  • Bring or wear comfortable clothes you can move in and closed toe shoes as well.


  • Per class: 2000yen

  • 4 class bundle 6000yen (1500yen each)

  • 8 class bundle 10,000yen (1250yen each)

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