Quiet Flame Movies
Fists of Absinthe

Although not officially under the Quiet Flame flag, Fists of Absinthe or ”アブサンの拳” in Japanese was our first official professional film production, featuring stuntwork by all our own members shot in 2015. With support from Adidas and Tokyo's Youtube studio, it was written by, produced by and starring Chuck, and went on to get a nationwide distribution deal by TBS Digital in Japan. Now it is also available to watch on Amazon Prime. 

Eastbound Traffic

Eastbound Traffic, slated to be shot in summer 2021, will be Quiet Flame's second official film production. This video is the coming film's concept trailer, completed by a grant from the Dutch film commission using a Dutch director and DP. The full film is in pre-production now, utilizing all of our own cast, action design, stuntmen, and actors. 

Corporate Video Samples
Angels Inc, Black Angels Party  Event Promo
Angels Inc Black Angels Party Video

Shot for our friend's at Angel's Inc, this was a promotion video for their annual Black Angels party. It was produced and casted through QF, shot and edited y by Duncan Buckley. 

Also shot for Angel's Inc, this was the video of their actual event. 

Quiet Flame Fight Days

- Alice Iwamoto (Main)
- Antonio Angelov 
- Andrew Ng