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Acro / Stunts

The main focus is on learning and practicing correct and safe techniques for acrobatics, stunts and wrecks for film and stage.

Some techniques included in the course are:
- Cartwheel
- Basic Parkour
- Trampoline Jumps
- Stair Falls
- High Falls
- Partner Stunts -
-Implementation of techniques in Choreography

Throughout the course, you can expect to build increased body awareness, power output and confidence and improve overall fitness level. Sessions are generally demanding and require a lot of concentration. However, safety always takes precedence and as such personal care is strongly recommended.

For anyone looking to take their action skills to the next level, or if you want to try a different form of fitness class, this course will challenge what you think you know about your mind and body.


  • Location: Studio BOS Kinshicho
    5-7-22 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

  • At present our acro and stunt lessons take place twice a month on Wednesday mornings or early afternoons. Please contact us directly or check the bookings calendar to inquire. 




  • Instructors: Andrew Ng / Yutaka Nozawa

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