THEMA, short for Theatrical Historical European Martial Arts offer 5 certifications on western weaponry from various stages of European history. The training program begins with Rapier, a renaissance weapon and the one most commonly used in any Shakespearean era works. After that it moves onto other European weapons commonly found in stage, film and video games: quarter staff, broadsword, knives, and completes with Case of Rapier. (Using two rapier at once). For anyone interested in doing theatre or stage work, or working abroad in the west, this class is strongly recommended. THEMA weapons play can also be found in films like Gladiator, Robin Hood, or Braveheart, or video games like Soul Caliber.



  • Location: 5-chōme-40-15 Ōtsuka, Bunkyo City, Tōkyō-to 112-0012 (Gokokuji station), 2nd or 3rd floor

  • Time: 19:45-21:15



  • Satoshi Hiro (070 6518 3314)

  • Brendan Stallings (070 4224 1138)


  • Bring gloves. To prevent rust, steel weapons should not be touched barehanded.

  • Bring or wear closed toe shoes as well.


  • Per class: 2000yen

  • 4 class bundle 6000yen (1500yen each)

  • 8 class bundle 10,000yen (1250yen each)

In order to do our part in the fight against COVID-19 and respect the directive of the Japanese government, this class will be closed from April 7th until the end of May.