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Special Seminars

Quiet Flame Special Seminars are designed to cover all of the skills that an actor would need for action cinema that would not be covered in our fight choreography classes. Although all of our instructors are bi-lingual, seminars are conducted in English. 

We currently offer 3 kinds of special seminars: 

  •  Contemporary Action Skills (Tactical Firearms, CQC weaponry, etc) 

  • Traditional Action Skills (Eastern or Western Sword Work) 

  •  Stunts Skills (Wire-flying, Mini-tramp, Wrecks, Falls) 

For students who join the AATP program, these seminars are included in the program. These seminars are open to everyone however, and can be joined without previous commitment to Quiet Flame. The cost of each seminar is 2500yen, (or 2000yen with JECA membership). See below for video samples of some of our previous seminars. 

**Special Seminars are conducted regularly throughout the year. Exact dates and times will be announced. Please inquire if there is a seminar that is of particular interest to you. 

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