Chuck Johnson is an international actor and stuntman based in Tokyo Japan. He has 15 years of experience working in film, television and stage and has worked on major productions such as Godzilla: Final Wars, Detroit 1-8-7 and video games like Metal Gear Solid V and Left Alive. His 2019 works include doing stunts for Shinichi Ueda’s upcoming film, Special Actors, acting across from Matsuyuki Yasuko in the NHK drama, Miss Jokocho,

and playing a role in Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s latest film, The Spy’s Wife.


Although his film career began in stunts, Chuck began his training in acting under Method acting coach Shelley Mitchell (a former teacher of Sean Penn) and began his study of the Meisner method under fellow Tokyo-based actor, Erick Ferman. He has since started a course of study at Tokyo’s Ups Academy, and where he as taken courses and private lessons under Roberta Wallach (a student of Lee Streisburg) as well as other instructors at Ups. 


Chuck’s study of fight choreography began with Japanese action directors Yuji Shimomura, (Devil May Cry Series) and Go Ohara (Death Trance) at the Ohara Action Club. After several years of training at OAC he joined the Pass Guard action team and began studying under Kiyokazu Tanaka (Flashpoint), eventually going on to attend and graduate from the International Stunt School in Seattle Washington, studying a range of different utility stunts. He also furthered his study attending stage combat workshops by the Society of American First Directors while continuing to both work and train both in the states and Japan.


In addition to being a trained stage and film actor, animal puppeteer, and experienced stuntman, Chuck is also a former international Taekwondo champion having competed in the US, Japan and Hong Kong. Aside from having a master’s rank in Taekwondo, Chuck also has ranks in 6 other martial arts and has studied 10 in total; including theatrical weapons play for weapons like Rapier and Katana. 


In his personal life Chuck considers himself a lifelong student and studies constantly. In addition to still continuing his study of acting, stunts and martial arts, he is also pursuing fluency in both Japanese and Korean, studies Kimono, and loves cars and carnivorous plants. He is the founder and CEO of Quiet Flame Productions, where he trains actors on physical movement, and is also now the East Asian fight choreography instructor for the International Stunt School and The International Order of the Pen and the Sword’s Paddy Crean Workshop. 


  • Acting

  • Advanced Film Combatant

  • Advanced Weapons Combatant 
    (Rapier, Katana, Kama, Sai, Staff, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Firearms)

  • Stunt Proficient /  ISS Grad


  • English

  • Japanese

  • Korean (basic)

Additional Skills

  • Japanese 

  • Korean (basic speaking, reading, writing

  • Kimono

  • Highly experienced in film, TV and stage in both acting and stunts

Recent QF Castings: 

  • Dinosaur Zoo (Live show)

  • Special Actors (Film)

  • In Hand (Drama)