• Acting

  • Advanced Film Combatant

  • Advanced Weapons Combatant
    (THEMA: Rapier, Quarterstaff) 

  • Stunts (Wires, High falls, Mini-tramp, Wrecks)


  • English

  • Basic Japanese

Additional Skills:

  • Improv / Comedy

QF Castings:

  • Special Actors (film)

  • InHand (drama)

  • The Fable (film) 

  • Silent Tokyo (film) 

Brendan Stallings is an international actor, writer, comedian, and stuntman based in Tokyo, Japan. He has 15 years of experience as a professional performer in theatre, film, and television, including producing his own shows in Chicago and appearing in Japanese television dramas. Recently, he appeared as a stunt performer in the manga adaptation film The Fable as well as famed director Shin'ichiro Ueda's new film Special Actors. In Tokyo, his voice can also be heard as the English audio guide narrator for Konica Minolta planetarium shows Tokyo Midnight Groove and A Tour of the French Starry Sky. 


Originally from Oklahoma, USA, Brendan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Oklahoma State University. He continued his career and training in Chicago where he studied improvisational and sketch comedy at ComedySportz Chicago, Second City, iO Chicago, and the Annoyance Theater, as well as working with over a dozen Chicago theatre companies. He also received multiple certifications in stage combat from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the Academy of Performance Combat  in the U.K. and the Society of American Fight Directors in the U.S.


Brendan is also a playwright, a short story author, and percussionist. He enjoys tea and puns is equally overzealous fashion. You can usually find him wandering through the Tokyo's best Japanese gardens while reading large science fiction or fantasy novels.