Pricing for JECA members
Stunt Capable
  • 6-mo. AATP (JECA)

    Better value than 3 months, shorter commitment than 1 year
    Valid for 6 months
    • 800yen cheaper per class than 3-month program
    • 2 professionally shot and edited fight scenes
    • 2 action specialty seminars (firearms, knives, etc)
    • 2 stunt specialty seminars (wires, wrecks, etc)
  • Private lesson

    Great for people who need discretion or have personal goals
    • One on one instruction
    • Focus on personal goals
    • Schedule arranged by both the student and instructor
    • At the Roppongi space or a location of the student's choice
    • **2000yen discount if student arranges the training space
  • Monthly Private

    Every month
    4 Private lessons a month
    • Sports Insurance

      Mandatory sports insurance for all members
      Valid for one year
      • Good for one year of training